The Garden Restaurant À La Carte Menu


Make your Own Pizza | R95
Choice of ham & pineapple, chicken or margarita 

Ham & Pineapple Pizza | R 70

Margarita Pizza | R 60

Golden fried fish nuggets served with chips & mayo

Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce served with a side of grated parmesan cheese   

Toasted tortilla filled with cumin chicken, mayo & cheese served with chips and sweet chilli salsa 

Ice Cream Sundae | R 45
Served with choice of:
 – Chocolate brownie
 – Strawberry meringue

Bubble waffle Cone | R 45
Served with vanilla ice cream and choice of
 – Strawberry & meringue shards,
 – Chocolate Bar one 
 – Smarties


Monday – Friday 

Adults R185 per person

Each breakfast is served with a continental platter that consist of the following:

Mini croissants, mini muffins, muesli & yogurt glass, fruit kebab, selection of cheeses, ham and crackers served with pickles and preserves.

Country Breakfast

2 Eggs done to your choice 

Choose 5 of the following:

Bacon, beef sausage, pork sausage, creamy chicken liver, potato rosti, french fries, sautee cherry tomatoes, creamed mushroom, spiced baked beans

Served with a choice of white or brown toast


Three egg omelette with a choice of 3 of the following fillings:

Cheddar Cheese, feta, mozzarella, bacon, ham, chicken liver, smoked haddock, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, spring onions, mushrooms, peppers, avocado, chilli

Served with a choice of white or brown toast

Kiddies Breakfast | R150

Choice of the following 3:

Scrambled eggs, bacon & toast

Fried viennas, scrambled eggs & toast

Two egg omelette filled with ham & cheese

Weekend Buffet Breakfast | R225

A full continental buffet with a selection of hot dishes and omelettes for the whole family to enjoy

Crumbed feta & Tomato Salad | R 140.00  (v)

Crumbed feta served with salad  greens & tomato with creamy basil dressing



Choose 1

  • Mozzarella Sticks with Tomato Salsa
  • Crumbed Brinjal Chips with mango and sundried tomato chutney 
  • Sweet Corn Puffs
  • Grilled Halloumi with Lemon and Tomato Salsa


Choose 1

  • Coconut Crumbed Prawns with Chili Pineapple Coriander Salsa
  • Crumbed Calamari tubes cooked in a lemony paprika and sundried tomato cream
  • Crispy fried beer battered hake with tartar sauce  


Choose 1

  • Grilled beef short rib with red wine jus 
  • Grilled lamb kebabs with bbq basting  
  • Pork Ribs in Sticky Beer Basting
  • Chicken Wings BBQ | Peri Peri
  • Mini kebabs of grill boerewors and crispy fried maize croquettes filled with sweet corn and cheese and serve with tomato sheba 

Crumbed Haloumi  R |  140.00

Crispy Fried Crumbed Haloumi served with tomato salsa, basil Pesto and balsamic reduction



Margarita | R130.00

Marinara sauce, Cherry tomatoes, Basil leaves and Mozzarella

Cumin Chicken and Pineapple I R165.00

 Chicken breast with Pineapple and Coriander Salsa Cream cheese, Marinara sauce topped Mozzarella cheese

Olive Feta Basil | R 145.00

Marinara sauce, Mozzarella, Pitted olives, Feta, Basil pesto and Fresh Basil

Salami Olive and Mushroom | R 175.00

Marinara sauce, Salami, Cherry tomatoes and Mozzarella

Boerewors | R175.00

Grilled Boerewors Marinara sauce, sweet peppers, French onions and Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese

Bacon and Pineapple | R155.00

Marinara sauce, Bacon, Pineapple, Jalapeno chili and Mozzarella

BBQ Brisket | R185.00

 BBQ sauce, shredded brisket, green pepper and red onion with mozzarella 

Served with chips

Toasted Sandwiches with a choice of white or brown bread 

Tomato, Red Onion, Basil & Mozzarella | R 115.00

Bacon, White Cheddar, Onion Jam | R 145.00

Chicken Mayo | R 125.00

Beef Sirloin  |  R 270.00


Mineral water

300ml Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Cream Soda, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Sprite Zero  |  R28.00

Cappy Juices | R30.00


Tea  |  R20.00 Choose from a range of TWG available 

AmericanoR 27.00

Cappuccino  |  R34.00

Red Cappuccino  |  R34.00

Hot Chocolate  |  R36.00

White Hot Chocolate  |  R36.00

Cafe Latte  |  R35.00

Cafe Mocha  |  R40.00

Flat white  |  R38.00


Pont de Val Sauvignon Blanc  |  R245.00

Pont de Val Rose  |  R225.00

Pont de Val MCC Nectar  |  R 410.00

Pont De Val Candy Pop  |  R220

Pont De Val Merlot  |  R265

Pont De Val La Grande Evasion 2020  |  R365

Pont De Val Shiraz 2021  |  R365

Pont De Val La Grande Evasion 2020 RESERVE |  R695

GLASS PDV – Shiraz | R 95

GLASS PDV – Sauve Blanc | R55

GLASS PDV – Rose | R55

GLASS PDV – Merlot | R55

GLASS PDV – Pinotage | R75

Pont de Val Sauvignon Blanc 2023  |  R245.00

Protea Sauvignon Blanc  |  R185.00

Morgenster Sauvignon Blanc  |  R195.00

Protea Chardonnay  |  R185.00

Hartenberg Chardonnay  |  R295.00

Protea Chenin Blanc  |  R185.00

Alvi’s Drift Viognier  |  R165.00

Terra Del Capo Range – Pinot Grigio  |  R180.00

The Wolftrap White  |  R165.00

Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir  |  R225.00

Morgenster Vespri Vermentino  |  R265.00

Leopard’s Leap White  (Non Alcoholic)  |  R190.00

Boschendal Chardonnay  |  250.00

Pont De Val La Grande Evasion 2020  |  R365

Pont De Val Shiraz 2021  |  R365

Pont De Val Merlot  |  R265

Pont De Val La Grande Evasion 2020 RESERVE |  R695

Hartenberg Shiraz  |  R440.00

Protea Shiraz  |  R185.00

Protea Melot  |  R185.00

Protea Cabernet Sauvignon  |  R185.00

Wolftrap Red Blend   |  R  165.00

Beyerskloof Pinotage  |  R225.00

The Wolftrap Red Blend  |  R165.00

The Chocolate Block  |  R495.00

Rupert & Rothschild Classique  |  R415.00

Kanonkop Kadette  |  R 265.00


Pont de Val Candy Pop  |  R 220.00

L’ ormarins Brut Classique Rose  |  R 315.00

JC La Fleurette  (Non Alcoholic)  |  R185.00

JC La Domaine  (Non Alcoholic)  |  R190.00


PDV Specialty Berry Garden | R 80
PDV Specialty Passionate Mango | R 80
PDV Specialty Blanco | R 80
PDV Specialty Brutal Douce | R 65
Revolution V | R 95.00

French 75 | R 89.00

Soiree | R  45.00

Gin Blush | R 79.00

Raspberry G&T | R 95.00
Mojito | R 78.00

Pina Colada | R 65.00

Mojito  |  R55.00

Strawberry froze  |  R55.00

Granadilla Mojito  |  R55.00

Beers & CIDERs

Black Label 500ml  |  R  42.00

Hunters Dry  |  R 34.00

Hunters Gold  |  R 34.00

Hunters Apple Cider  |  R 34.00

Savannah Dry – 330ml  |  R 38.00

Savannah Light – 330ml |  R 38.00


Cape Town Rooibos Red  |  R36.00

Hendrick’s  |  R42.00

De Vry Distillery Boeretroos Cherry Gin  |  R40.00

Tequila Silver  |  R25.00

Tequila Gold  |  R25.00

Red Heart Rum  |  R25.00

Bacardi Oakheart  |  R22

Die Rasta Rum  |  R35

Captain Morgan Dark Rum  |  R  23.00